Trees could be known as low-maintenance, however, you should understand that they shouldn’t be deprived of maintenance. Trees may appear as self-sufficient, healthy trees do not simply occur overnight and young trees can always get assistance. Providing regular tree care could help to protect your plants and to allow them to survive. Here is a checklist you should consider to take care of your young tree: 

Clean your tree regularly 

Similar to what we do in our property, we should give some of our time to clean up around our trees. You can start maintaining your trees with a bit of cleaning up. Begin with eliminating debris gathered from around trees, which includes fallen fruit, leaves, and sticks. 

After clearing away the debris, check your trunk for indicators of pest activity or disease. It’s important to detect these issues as soon as possible. A tree expert can help you with this if you don’t know how to recognize them. 

  • Remove decorations or holiday lights that might still be draped around your branches and trunk.  
  • Leave foreign objects near your trees since it would pose the danger of restricting further development in the long run. 

Tree pruning 

Normally, the perfect pruning time is during the dormancy season in wintertime when the development of trees is halted or slowed down. However, you can still prune trees at any time of the year to eliminate limbs that might cause danger to property and people and for structural integrity. Do this so that you can determine and eliminate any sick, dead, or damaged branches. They can be seen easily because of the lack of leaves or they look brittle and dry. When in doubt, it would be a great idea to contact a tree expert near you. 


A great layer of mulch can help to keep and maintain the moisture of the soil and slow down the development of weeds. Mulch is particularly beneficial for young trees up until ten years old. Also, it could aid the trees to penetrate the nutrients needed to stay beautiful and healthy.  

  • Eliminate competing weeds and grass 
  • Pull back the mulch from the trunk of your tree. This way, the mulch retains moisture and heat that can damage the tree if it gets direct contact. 
  • Maintain mulch at approximately 3-4 in. thick. 

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