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Various Gym Equipment

It is obvious that one visits the gym to get healthier, feel better and burn those extra pounds of fat. However, it is equally more important to understand what equipment are available in the gym so that one knows which suits them best and also to avoid injuries.It is good to have a trainer, usually, all gyms except the ones that are provided by your apartment will have a trainer. It is better to first know how to use this equipment with a trainer. The trainer knows how not to get injured, they would be able to explain each item on how to use it and what precautions one should take. This is very important if you are hitting the gym at an older age.

Injuries due to the wrong usage of the gym may not only lead to injuries but the damage is more on your morale and you may shun away from going to the gym at all. The first and foremost thing that one has to do before starting the day at the gym is doing a good warm-up. The warm-up may vary as per your age; it could be as simple as walking a few miles to reach your gym or doing ten push-ups. Generally, it is a combination of few light exercises that would loosen the muscles, warm up your body and ensure your heart starts pumping enough blood. It also depends on the weather in your area.

Some people buy equipment at their home and do exercises, this is good for people who cannot visit the gym and wish to do exercises at their own time and place. Here is a quick reckoner for such people on various equipment one can find at a gym.


This has a strong handle and equal weights are at the sides; they come in various weights like one, two, five or more pounds. There are fixed dumbbells with specified weights as well as dumbbells with screws so that one can attach or detach weights. A pair of dumbbells forms a basic strength training equipment and is used for strengthening biceps, triceps, shoulders and even chest.


This is more for those who are not just trying to look like Sylvester Stallone or Arnold but more for those who want to do some cardio exercise to keep their heart healthy and also break some sweat. This is ideal for anyone who wants to do warm-up and also do light exercise. A combination of dumbbell and treadmill is enough for anyone who wants to keep it light and try not to allow fat to accumulate in their bodies.

Stability ball:

This is just a big size ball that can be sued for warm-up as well as to do some exercises mainly for the abdomen. One can use this as a chair to strengthen the core muscles of the body

Bench Press:

This is mainly for toning the chest area. A person has to lie down on the bench and lift weights like a weightlifter while in sleeping position, though one can vary the weight as per their ability.


Abdominal Bench:

This is also a bench but is more in an inclined position which is mainly sued for toning the abdominal muscles. This is important these days as abdomen is the area where fats get stored and one looks obese of they don’t burn fat in this area.


Find out what equipment would suit you well



The above are some of the equipment that can be placed at home and used to do some sort of basic exercise. If a person is already fit, then this equipment is enough to maintain the body. However, if one wants to build the muscles and maintain a toned body then they have to visit a proper gym.

Some of the other equipment that one can find in a gym are cable cross over machine, barbells, pull-up bar, lat pulls down the machine, leg curl machine etc.Thus, depending on whether you want to work out in a gym or set up a gym at your own home, find out what equipment would suit you well and then buy them. However, as mentioned earlier it is better to get information on how to use them safely from a trainer before indulging in self-exercise.


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